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Quality car parts in Murwillumbah

One faulty part makes a huge difference when it comes to the functionality of a car. Your source of transportation needs to be reliable. Here at Southside Auto Wreckers, we take quality parts from used cars and sell them to you at reasonable prices. Come visit us in Murwillumbah and get the supplies you need for your vehicle. 

We specialise in Australian, Japanese and Korean vehicles

Our products and services

Our shop offers products that will complement your car’s functionality and help your vehicle withstand both time and travel. We provide compression figures and mileage information on all our merchandise and hide no information. You can rest easy with our minimum 90 day warranty on all our products. Give us a call to get quality used parts at our auto shop today.   
Our employees are specially trained  to analyse used automobile equipment so they can personalise their services to meet your individual requirements. Professionals have tested all our engines, transmissions, gearboxes and diffs for safety and quality, so you can feel confident in our work. 

Out of stock?

If the auto parts you need are not currently in our shop, we can still help. As members of the Gold Coast Wreckers Hotline, we can order in whatever part is necessary to fix your car or trailer. Our experience gives us the connections to get you the right part fast. We have an inventory system called Pinnacle that is a online parts network that is Australia wide. Come in today for professional advice on the best supplies for your car. 
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